How to write a good post (and receive a quick and helpful answer)

  • Keep in mind that deegree community support is offered for free. People usually don't get paid to do this work. Therefore, please pay attention to make it as easy as possible to understand and analyze your problem. You will make the life of the developers easier, and people will be happy to help you.
  • Describe your environment (deegree version, operating system, Java version, database type and version)
  • Describe the exact steps for reproducing your problem with nothing but an empty deegree installation. Include requests and everything that is required.
  • If your problem occurs for a specific configuration only, please provide a complete workspace archive (a ZIP or tar.gz from the active workspace directory in ~/.deegree). Ideally, this workspace should be self-contained (not depending on external resources), so we can just unpack it, activate it and follow your instructions to reproduce the problem. Please leave out anything that is not necessary to reproduce the problem.
  • If your workspace is not self-contained, please provide all required resources to recreate your setup with **minimal effort**. For example, if your setup depends on a PostGIS database, please provide a CREATE-script and an INSERT-script if this is required. 

Please read also our how to report a bug and feature guidelines.